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peta - people for the ethical treatment of animals

YES! i'm a vegetarian for moral reasons. every individual has a right to live. in contrast to predators we have the choice between living vegetarian or not. we are omnivores, we are able to live both ways. for my part, i do live even healthier that way and it's always fun to talk with people about it, whilst training in the gym ...i do not look like a veggie.  :)  i don't want to proselytize anyone. unfortunately, every man is the architect of his own fortune. all i ask you is to think about, how you can make the life of individuals beside humans more enjoyable. and please don't hide behind religion. most likely there is no god who will fix it for you.

this is the homepage of Jóhanna G. Harðardóttir. she is practicing ÁSATRÚ goði (pristess) in ICELAND, who lead us through our wedding. besides her work for the compound JÓHANNA and her husband SIGURDUR breed viking hens and icelandic sheepdogs on their beautiful farm on the fjord called HVALFJORDUR. JÓHANNA creates viking arts such as runes hand carved in wood or stones, viking clothes, crafted horns for drinking and much more. 


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